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Bergendal - Ziplining
Zipline, kayaking, jungle walk

Duration: 1 day

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With 11 different lifts (total length: 1 km) you will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush: you fly between the trees with as a climax a flight over the river Suriname. Except for the cable-lift, Adventure Center Berg en Dal offers a hiking expedition and a kayaking adventure. These activities are guided by an experienced guide.

Price on request


06.30 hrs Departure from Paramaribo. After about two hours driving through the jungle of the Brokopondo district we will arrive at the eco & cultural river resort Berg en Dal. Here you are welcomed and the day program is given to you. Depending on the booked package (combination) the guide will teach you about your chosen adventures. During the rest of the day you have the opportunity to experience the ziplining, hiking and kayaking. The order of these activities depends on the chosen combination.

Zip lining (± 2 hours - Flying between the tree tops)

Hiking expedition (± 2 hours - Forest walk in unspoiled nature)

Kayak Adventure (± 2 hours - Kayaking on the river and islands along creeks)

In the afternoon we pause for lunch. Around 16:30 hrs we finish the activities and depart towards Paramaribo, where, depending on the state of the road, we arrive between 18:30 and 19:30 hrs.

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Shortly also a mountainbike trail