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Brokopondo tour

Duration: 1 day

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You will be picked up at your residence at 09.00 hrs.
We drive south and make a stop at Paranam where we take a walk along the jungle trail.
We continue our journey to the dam Afobakka, where you get a tour in the hydroelectric  station with some explanation from the guide. After this we move to the top of the dam, which offers a panoramic  view of the huge lake with many islands, while enjoying a snack and a drink.
After this stop we drive through the transmigration village Balingsula to Annanistrand in Brokopondo where there is opportunity to swim in the refreshing water of the river Suriname .  After lunch you can relax on the beach or in a hammock.
At 15.00 hrs we will make a ride through the village Brokopondo and  then  drive back to Paramaribo.


Price: Euro 80,-

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