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Coesewijne survival
Coesewijne River, naturereservation, Bigi Poika

Duration: 3 days

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An adventurous trip through one of Suriname's most beautiful nature reserves, culminating in navigating the Coesewijne river. This area is known as the habitat of the Giant Otter, the Manatee and various species of monkeys e.g. the Howler Monkey (Baboenaap). Also a visit to the nearby native Amerindian village Bigi Poika is on the program.

Price: Euro 375,-


In Bigi Poika you can experience the culture of the Amerindian tribe, enjoy an authentic demonstration of archery with the traditional bow and arrow. Furthermore there is the possibility of fishing, go on a night cruises to spot alligators, snakes and other nocturnal animals.
Participants will set up their own camp and sleep in hammocks and mosquito nets or lodges in the area.

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