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Happenstance I discovered this on a travel grant visreisprogramma.  It appealed to me as well, and I kept it on.  Two years later it was suddenly a great alternative.  In the brochure "Educa travel" are different opportunities. 
We ourselves went on 23/09/2005 to 05/10/2005.  (13 days) 

Day 1 t/m 3, Arrival & First few fishing days
Day 4 t/m 7, Blanche Marie Fishing Trip
Day 8 t/m 13, Brokopondo Resevoir & Departure

Our fishing stuff is mainly in the luggage (25kg) to problems with security at the airport to avoid.The cabin was filled with clothes to the maximum permitted weight of 10 kg.  After a train journey of more than 3 hours we arrive at Schiphol.  The plane leaves about 11 hours.  The precautions we had taken our luggage shows no luxury, the cabin itself needs on the scale.  But luckily it is not on that one too many kilos we bijhebben.  The eight-hour flight to Suriname Airways is rather smooth, while the food is really good, and you know I almost never takes flight like it says it enough.  On arrival there is a time difference of 5 hours back.  A bus from the hotel awaits us, and arrived at the hotel we get phone Frank, head of the local tour organization in Suriname.  We agree to 20 hours, plenty of time to refresh us and our luggage to reorganize.  Exactly 20 hours to come pick us up Frank.  He takes us to the exit near where we skip back a few beers accompanied by indigenous dishes of chicken.  We eat afterwards croquettes while Frank eagerly told about Suriname.  If we stay here franc leaves hanging around, enjoying the slightly cooler night air and the Caribbean atmosphere. 

It is only 3 hours if I'm already awake, but I bring it up to six hours to lie, then we in the hotel breakfast.  That is 6 hours from here in the morning, ideal for fishermen.  9 hours to come pick us up Frank for sightseeing tour of Paramaribo.  We drive around the city where we get an impression of the city.  Then we walk through the local market.  Frank shows there all the strange fruit and gives the necessary explanation.  He buys all kinds of fruits, which we on the river that afternoon, we Indonesian food, eat as dessert.  After the meal we say goodbye to Frank and look for an opportunity to the rest of the day to fill with fish.  We talk on the riverbank with a skipper, and agree on a price for his boat the rest of the day to rent.  SRD 250 The price turned out to the high side, half were more than adequate.  We pay more for shrimp SRD 10, the same as fish.  For 15 hours we leave the appointment to 20 hours to fish.  Because time is limited, we are not going too far up the river, only half hour by boat towards the sea at a sluggish rate.  We fish the bottom with a sliding catch and lead four different types of catfish.  The fisherman called one yellow catfish, which are apparently two species, the other is a gray catfish, and another is barbaman.  Further a blowfish that can bosrokoman call.  All the fish weigh about 1 / 2 kg with an occasional exception that is slightly larger.  In total we caught well over 30 pieces, including Helmut with lighter line and smaller hooks fished, over 2 / 3 accounts for.  At 18.45 hours, however, is dark so we are obliged to return.  It is already quite dark when we arein the harbor.  That night we eat a steak in the grill at the nightclubs. 

On our program "River Mouth Fishing at Braamspunt.  We are first introduced to Norman Macintosh, our fishing guide.  Norman, who himself is an addicted fisherman, our on each fishing day, so almost the entire journey.  We are departing at 9.30 hours by car to the location of the ferry boats on the River.  From there we sail the sea.  After a half hour, we sail the boat at the first nets hang in the water.  Since we try small catfish of about 10 cm maximum catch, they must later serve as bait.  But as always we are tending to catch the larger specimens.Ultimately, we are able to do under the boat with small kids to catch some shrimp.  It is almost 11.30 hours as we continue to sail Braamspunt, where we moor in the fishing village for some fresh shrimp and small fish to buy.  It was exactly 12.30 hours when we start fishing for the larger ones.  Like everywhere at sea, this time strongly dependent on the tide, and you're the best spot just before the changing of the tides.  We put out two heavy rods with a catfish as bait, while we go fishing with a lighter rod and shrimp.  Catfish one after another comes on board, and both the skipper and Norman have your hands full keeping the fish caught carp.  We do not do themselves, because all three catfish have dangerous spines.  That this precaution was not unnecessary, it appears as Norman suddenly gets a sting in his palm.  Itself at the moment I get a run on the heavier rod, I miss the consternation.  The spine is barbed occupied two inches deep is certainly penetrated into the palm.  Herman pulls this off with great difficulty, and we disinfect the whole.  However, the poison begins to function, and Norman feels the pain in his shoulders.  We conclude therefore that Norman sail back to the hospital for a tetanus injection and could care.  Norman told us afterwards that this was his first and hopefully last encounter with the spines of catfish, despite years of experience and extreme caution.  The pain lasted for about four hours, despite taking a painkiller.  We lost itself offers the best hours to fish, but so be it.  Two hours later we were back in the same place where we wanted to capture something in spite of everything.  And we did catch.  Approximately 50 small catfish and pufferfish.  It gave me a bit on the heavier rod with a small fish as bait.  After the run and striking, I spent a catfish alongside the boat over 7kg.  The skipper called him Komcouma.  The fish itself forfeited when we master it on the line from the water lifted.  For me however, as he counted in, and was rescued there exists a day.

Day 4 t/m 7,Blanche Marie Fishing Trip
Dag 8 t/m 13, Brokopondo Resevoir & Departure