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Awarradam tour
Island in the Gran Rio

Duration: 4 or 5 days

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On an idyllic island in the river Gran Rio, hidden in the Amazon rainforest, at the foot of the rapids is the Awarradam Jungle Lodge situated. This place is halfan hour by boat from the last villages of the Sarammaccaners, descendants of runaway slaves. Visiting traditional villages, beautiful bush walks and sailing trips with information about medicinal plants make your stay unforgettable.

Price: from USD 645,-


3 nights (Friday-Monday) 

Day 1 
Departure from the local airport Zorg & Hoop in Paramaribo to the airstrip Kajana, about 55 minutes flight south of Paramaribo. The staff of the lodge will bring you to the canoe which brings you aacross the Gran Rio to your holiday destination. It takes 30 minutes to navigate to the resort Awarradam, an island at the foot of the rapids Awarradam. After check-in and meeting with the staff you have lunch. In the afternoon you can explore the resort and relax in the rapids. You'll soon recognize the eco principles of our lodge. Our local employees are friendly Saramaccan Maroons and your cabin is built in traditional style. The cool evenings make air conditioning or a fan unnecessary but you will have the comfort of a mosquito net. For the atmospheric lighting oil lamps and solar energy are used and meals are prepared on a wood fire with mostly Surinamese ingredients. The first evening you will get more information about this unique area of the Maroons and the old West African traditions.

Day 2 
After breakfast you have an informational and adventurous jungle walk. While you enjoy the surroundings in the pristine tropical rainforest, the guide provides information about trees and plants and how to identify animals by their sounds. After lunch, you visit the Peti rapids. You can swim, canoe, or lay in a hammock to enjoy the magnificent views of the rapids. In the evening after dinner you will find out about some interesting aspects of local culture.

Day 3 
Shortly after breakfast we sail upstream. After about half an hour, we sail without engine. We drift with the flow of the river back and can fully enjoy the wildlife and jungle sounds.The more adventurous among us, can paddle back to the lodge with. Lunch is served at the resort.
In the afternoon you will visit the local community, to get acquainted with the local culture.During the trip, half hour downstream, you will experience how things work on the river for the local community. You see people fishing, washing and bathing.Between populated areas you can enjoy nature and with a little luck you can even see an alligator lying on the shore. From the dock we take an extensive walk through several villages. Along the way you get a good impression of everyday life in a Maroon village. Dinner is served in Kajana, and you'll be treated to a cultural dance and singing performance in one of the villages. The guide explains the text, and the dancers will surely invite to join. Under a tropical sky, our boatmen will return to Awarradam. You'll be amazed at their boating skills!

Day 4 
In the early morning you can canoe again, swim or just relax and enjoy the sounds of the jungle. After breakfast our staff will give a traditional farewell to you. A canoe will take you back to Kajana.From there you fly back to Paramaribo.

Variant: 4 nights (Monday - Friday): 

Day 4 
This day is free for your own activities. If you go for a walk in the woods after breakfast, you are most likely to come across animals such as monkeys, tropical birds and frogs. You can also visit an agricultural plot in a canoe or explore the area itself. Maybe you want the guide to tell you more about the medicinal plants in the tropical rainforest. And then your hammock lures, to quietly enjoy the beauty and sounds of the jungle, read or just briefly dozing away.

Day 5 
After breakfast the employees, who by now will feel like trusted friends, will give you a traditional farewell. A canoe will take you to Kajana where you will fly back to Paramaribo.


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 There are also combinations possibilities with destinations Palumeu & Kasikasima.