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Blanche Marie tour
Blanche Marie Falls, Apura

Duration: 4 days

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This 4 day tour takes you with 4-wheel-drive terrain vehicles through the rainforest to a pristine piece of Surinam's biggest and most beautiful waterfalls. Furthermore there is also a visit to the native village Apoera on the program and a visit to the old railway.

Price: Euro 350,-


Day 1 
You will be picked up at your address. The tour begins with a drive towards Zanderij, if desired, we stop for taking pictures and sandwiches and drinks. During the trip it is possible that you will see different animals such as monkeys, sloths, deers, turtles, lizards and various species of birds: parrots, macaws, birds trumpet, powisies (the bird which was once used for gold smuggle), etc. At Zanderij we pass a number of Indian villages and continue our journey to Witagron, a Maroon village, where we stop for a visit with a lunch break. After this stop we begin the second path that takes us across several creeks and bridges through the jungle to the Blanche Marie falls. After arrival, you can explore the area or go for a swim, if desired. Then the evening meal.

Day 2: 
Breakfast is served at 08:00, then we go on a trail to the waterfalls. On the trail the guide will give a presentation on the flora and fauna and you can enjoy the fast rapids in the river. There are also several natural Jacuzzis for a delicious massage. Around 13.00 hrs we go back to the lodge for lunch. The afternoon we spend at the El Dorado Falls where there is opportunity for fishing.  

Day 3: 
After breakfast, the trail of "somewhere to nowhere" is visited, then we continue our way to the Indian villages: Apoera and Washabo, where we have a village walk and you can get acquainted with the culture of the Arawak, an Indian tribe, you can also buy souvenirs, if desired. After a lunch on the river Corantijn, where you can enjoy the view of Guyana on the other side, we return toBlanche Marie. The afternoon is free to take walks, fishing, swimming or just lay in a hammock along the river, enjoying the scenery. In the evening we enjoy a nice dinner together.  

Day 4
After breakfast and a last swim in the river we start the journey back to Paramaribo.

The impressive Blanche Marie Falls are more than 300 km southwest of Paramaribo. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Suriname with a huge displacement. The impressive waterfall spans more than 120 meters and is located in highland, the best kind of tropical rainforest. All the ingredients of the Amazon rainforest are found, including eight Suriname monkeys and more than 200 bird species. Several footpaths lead to the Eldorado and of the Edenvall

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