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Kwamalasamutu tour

Duration: 4 days

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Iwaana Saamu Rainforest lodge and the caves of Werehpai. Nature, culture and prehistory.Kwamalasamutu means bamboo and sand, typical of the Sipaliwini river with its many sandy beaches and swaying bamboo.

This tour departs with a minimum of 3 persons.

Price: EUR 1500 p/p minimum of 3 pax.


Day 1: 
11.00 we depart by plane from Paramaribo to Kwamalasamutu. 
Upon arrival around 13.00 we take the boat to the Iwana Samu Rainforest Lodge, a guesthouse built in Trio style out of wood and bamboo, along the high river bank with a beautiful view on the river. After check in we take a small exploration tour witha local guide. After this you can take a cool dip in the river, swimming, canoeing or just relaxing in the hammock. 

Day 2: 
In the morning we bring a courtesy visit to the great chief of the Trio Indians. After this we make a village tour where we  will visit the various tribes with their traditional lifestyle and their daily household. In the afternoon we make an educational trip through the tropical rainforest with explaination of the many medicinal plants that our forest is enriched with. After that you can have a little bath in the rapids or rainforest scuba diving with diving masks or Trio style bamboo surfing. In the evening we set off for spotting and luring nocturnal animals with local guides. 

Day 3: 
The highlight of this day is the visit to the caves of Werephai with a breathtaking scenery of the 5000 years old petroglyphs (rock drawings). 
In the afternoon we have some arro and bow shooting and traditional wrestling with the guides. 
In the evening we have a cultural show with singing and  dancing by the locals.  

Day 4: 
After breakfast we prepare for departure to Paramaribo. On the way to the airport, we make another stop at the shaman and his clinic. There is also some time to buy souvenirs in the women's center. 
Around noon we arrive in Paramaribo.

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