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Wonotobo tour

Duration: 6 days

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Four hundred kilometers upstream free from any human activity is a jewel of the Surinamese rainforest in the river Corantijn, with picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and bubbling rapids: the Wonotobo falls. The petroglyphs (rock drawings) and grinding grooves of the Indians who once lived here are impressive as well.

Price: Euro 750,-


6 day trip:
Day 1:
06.00 departure from Paramaribo to Nickerie, South Drain where we will step into the waiting boat. 10.00 hrs departure  to Apoera with a stop in Oreala , Guyana. Around 14.00 hrs we arrive in Apoera, one of the Indian villages in the Corantijn area. We have lunch in a park along the river Corantijn and then we leave for Cawfalls. We sail through breathtaking scenery with large sandbanks in the middle of the river, beautiful rock formations in the water which cause a waterfall effect. Our overnight destination is Cawfalls where you stay in a lodge with beds and mosquito nets.

Day 2:
After enjoying breakfast and the beautiful sunrise  on the edge of the river we leave Cawfalls for the Wonotobofalls. This breathtaking journey takes us past the prehistoric rock carvings (petroglyphs). We will frequently see flying birds, and we might come across over swimming wild animals. In this environment, the Corenantijn is also known as an excellent area for the anglers because of the presence of the beloved Tarpon and different types of catfish such as the tiger catfish. After arriving at the Wonotobofalls you can take a dive in the refreshing water between the rocks. After dinner, social gathering on the rocks or a walk  to spot animals. Depending on your choice the night will be spent in a lodge with beds and mosquito nets or in a simple hut with hammocks.

Day 3:
After breakfast we cross over to Guyana. From Guyana there is a beautiful view of the Wonotobofalls that you will fully appreciate. We take a walk and then observe petroglyphs and grinding grooves of the Indians who once lived there. The afternoon is free to do whatever you like. At night BBQ at the base camp.

Day 4:
After breakfast we take a walk to the Blue Crane and Fransmanfalls, and return to camp around lunchtime . In the afternoon, various activities like fishing, swimming,  canoeing on the quiet stretch of the river, beach or cliff walk or just relaxing in a hammock. Overnight in base camp.

Day 5:
After breakfast we once again leave for  Nickerie. On the way we stop for lunch and eventually to purchase Indian souvenirs.We sail until the late afternoon and spend the night on Pigeon Island or Apoera.

Day 6:
Departure to Nickerie where we arrive in the afternoon and by bus to Paramaribo where we will arrive in the evening.

You can also enjoy the absolute peace and quiet, a unique place for nature lovers.


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All nights are held in lodges with beds with mosquito nets or hammocks with mosquito nets in the Indian huts.

This could possibly be extended for 1 or 2 days.
The extra cost is Euro 75 .- per person. per day.