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Yalimapo tour
French Guyana, turtle-museum

Duration: 2 days

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Yalimapo is a small indigenous village northwest of French Guyana and is known for its beautiful beach where the turtles come to make their nest. Furthermore Yalimapo has a monitoring / research institute plus museum, where you can learn everything about the sea turtles.

Price: EUR 250


Day 1:
Departure from Paramaribo to the eastern border town of Albina where we will crossover with a typical Indian boat called pyaka through Galibi to Yalimapo.
After checking  into a local guesthouse, we will have lunch.
In the afternoon we walk to the village to get acquanted with the locals. At 20.00 hrs we leave for the beach looking for turtle laying. On some days there are students present, doing research.The turtles are then weighed and tagged and equipped. Furthermore, one can enjoy a wonderful starry night while having a drink.

Day 2:
After breakfast, we visit the sea turtle museum and there will be opportunity to buy souvenirs.After this we go by boat to St. Laurent  for a brief visit to Devil’s island transportation camp (Papillon) and the Bagno. Then crossing to Albina and finally by car back to Paramaribo.

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