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Brownsberg tour
Brownsberg Naturepark, waterfalls

Duration: 1 or 2 days

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The Nature Resort Brownsberg, is about 13,500 ha, and located approximately 130 km from Paramaribo. Brownsberg is named after John Brown, who was a gold digger in this area at the end of the 19th century.

Price: Euro 65,- / 155,-


Day tour:
We leave at 08:00 from Paramaribo. On our way to Brownsberg, we visit some Maroon communities, like the t transmigration village Brownsweg. At about  09.30 we reach  the summit of the Brownsberg, a mountain , 500 meters high,  with a fantastic view of the nearby reservoir. After a tour of the mountain, we take a walk to one of the falls, where we will stay for some time and have lunch. 
Late in the afternoon you will arrive back in Paramaribo.

2 day tour:
Day 1:
We leave at 07:00 from Paramaribo. On our way to Brownsberg we visit  one of the Maroon communities, called Brokopondo. After this we continue our trip to Brownsberg, where lunch will be served  upon arrival.
This is followed by a tour on the mountain and a visit to one of the plateaus, with a fantastic view of the vast rain forest as well as the reservoir.

Day 2:
After breakfast we walk through the woods to the Irene falls. Around 13:00 hrs we will have lunch. After a short rest we visit the Mazaroni falls.
Return to Paramaribo in the afternoon.

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