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Isadou tour
Boven Suriname River, Jaw Jaw, Gunsi, Nw Aurora

Duration: 3 days

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This tropical island is situated behind the dam in the river Suriname. The adventurous trip to this beautiful island brings us across rapids and along large rock formations. In the nearby village Jaw Jaw, you can learn about the culture of the Saramaccans, the residents of this area. Forest walks, swimming, singing and dancing are the highlights during your stay.

Price: Euro 240,-


Day 1 
At 07.00 hrs we leave from Paramaribo to the village Atjoni with buses.During the 3 hour drive you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the savannah and the jungle. During the ride we will provide for sandwiches and drinks. Around 10.00 hrs we will arrive at Atjoni. Here the luggage will be loaded in canoes (boats of the Maroons) after which we leave around 11.00 hours. Through various rapids and Maroon villages we reach Isadou around 11.45. On arrival we are welcomed and then we will move into the various huts with beds and mosquito nets, sanitary consists of showers and toilets.After you have unpacked we have lunch. After lunch we will tell you about the area, the villages, the river, the people and their culture. The afternoon can be spent to bathe in the water between the rocks of the Jaw Jaw rapids or just relax in a hammock or try your luck with a fishing rod. Evening meal at 19.00 hrs, after which social gathering on the rocks in the river while enjoying a drink

Day 2 
08.00 hrs breakfast will be ready. After breakfast we leave by canoe for the village Gunsi, from where we will walk through the woods along agricultural plots to the village of New Aurora. Here you get a tour of the village and are introduced to the locals and their culture. We will also visit the people who produce wood carvings, we will also visit the captain (village chief). After this visit, we are ready for the exciting trip back across the rapids to Isadou for a lunch. The afternoon can be spent swimming, walking through the forest or just relaxing. At 19.00 hrs we start the BBQ, which is followed by a cultural evening of traditional song and dance performed by local artists. This appearance continues until 23.00 hrs after which one can chill an chat with each other.

Day 3 
BBreakfast at 08.00 hrs. After breakfast we will visit the village Jaw Jaw. Around 11.00 hrs we return to Isadou for one last dive into the water. At 12.00 hrs the lunch will be served and then we get ready for the journey back to Paramaribo. The arrival in Paramaribo is around 18.00 hrs


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