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Kassikassima expedition

Duration: 5 days

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Departure from Palumeu Jungle Lodge on the river, filled with spectacular rapids, to the mysterious Kasikasima Mountains. The intense climb is richly rewarded with a breathtaking view of pristine Amazon rainforest. The beautifully situated base camp offers plenty of stunning flora and fauna of the area; quite an experience! Absolute highlight and a must for any adventurer!

Price: on request,-


Dayprogram – 4 nights Kasikasima jungle tour
(Monday – Friday)

Day 1
Flight from Paramaribo to Palumeu. Afternoon: canoe trip to Palawa island. On the way back stop at the Indian village Palumeu. Walking back to your accommodation you will get an impression of village life. In the evening you will receive further instructions for the trip to the mountains Kasikasima

Day 2
The trip by canoe lasts, depending on the water, 3 to 7 hours. Along the way there is a lunch break. At Trombaka rapids, you should get out and walk. Beyond the rapids, a canoe with boatman is ready to bring you to base camp, where you arrive late in the afternoon. The guide will tell you how to best sleep in a hammock. After dinner, most guests “hammock” early to be fit for the climb the next day.

Day 3
The walking and climbing through the jungle to one of the tops of the mountains Kasikasima is a unique experience. The return trip takes about 7 hours. An hour of that is spent at the top, with a magnificent view over the Amazon rainforest from the plateau.Afternoon walk back to base camp for dinner and chat at a campfire (if the weather permits).

Day 4
The boatman will take you back to Palumeu by canoe. Along the way you are offered a picnic. If the water level allows it you can paddle pieces of the track yourself in the traditional manner, without outboard. Between arrival and dinner you have a few hours for yourself.

Day 5
In the morning visit to the Indian (indigenous) village Palumeu, accompanied by your guide.You can buy handmade souvenirs, directly from the residents. Afternoon flight back to Paramaribo.


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